Star Ceiling Panel Systems

One of the methods of installing a star ceiling is by using a suspended ceiling system. 
Both custom made and existing drop ceiling systems can be utilized
to add a star ceiling to an existing room where there isn't any access above an existing ceiling.

MDF Star Ceiling and Sky Mural Panel System

Three ceiling panels

MDF Custom Panels

Any size ceiling can be fabricated from panel sheets.  We use the popular MDF panel for this kind of installation.  The image at the left shows three 4'x8' panels configured to make up a 8' x 12' ceiling.  The image surface of the panels are sanded, primed, sanded again then finished in a color.  We recommend a deep sky blue for a star ceiling.  We also use these panels for our custom sky murals.

As you can see on the right, the edges of the MDF panels are expertly milled for a tight fit.  The panels are then slotted along the edge and biscuits are fitted into the slots of a panel.  When the panels are fitted together they biscuits keep the panels even along the surface.  The seam between the panels are very tight and not annoyingly visible.
panel edge close-up

Panels Apart

Sample panels showing biscuits

sample panels 2
Panels together with tight seam.

The MDF Panel System and Sky Mural can be attached to an existing ceiling
or ceiling joists by a variety of methods that can be better explained by our staff. 
Please call as for more information on installing a MDF Star Ceiling Panel System. 
Weekend Makeover!

This video is a segment of a TV show called Weekend Makeover.  FOSI was featured in this segment and the video show the installation of a MDF panel system. 

The fibers were pre-installed in the panels at FOSI and the ready panels were shipped to the installation site.  The show technicians installed the panels and then installed the fibers into the illuminator.

In this video the panels were screwed to the existing ceiling.  FOSI now utilizes a unique hanging system that makes the job even easier!



Drop Ceiling Star Ceiling Panel System
drop ceiling system
A Fiber Optic Star Ceiling can be incorporated into a drop ceiling system quite easily.  You can use standard acoustic panels either in their standard white color or paint them a color of your choosing.  Custom cut panels made from Sintra, a plastic material that comes in a variety of colors. 

Even with a drop ceiling system you can still include animated shooting stars and comets in your ceiling design.

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