FOSI Star Ceiling Client Comments

What Our Current Clients Have to Say about Their Experience with FOSI Star Ceilings

 Why Choose FOSI

 “I chose FOSI for two reasons: Internet research and the experience with Cyr.”

     – SB, Home Theater Company Owner, TX

  “Well, I started calling people, and it was the way Cyr talked to me on the phone.  He just sounded like he wanted to help me get what I wanted instead of just trying to sell me something.”

     – JL, Homeowner, NY

  “I know that when I was doing my research, it was the longevity that the company had been around.  Also, the fact that FOSI had done a lot of commercial applications.”

     – LP, Home Theater Company Owner, RI

 “I just felt safer with a company that had been more established.”

     – DS, Home Theater Company Owner, CO

 “I knew if I had any problems, FOSI was just a phone call away and someone would help.”  –  JL, Home Theater Company Owner, GA

  “Once I received the template of what it would look like, it was just so beautiful and it made the experience so real for me that I went, ‘I have to have this’.” 

     – LB, Homeowner, CA

 “Cyr was very helpful and very knowledgeable.  He’s easy to work with.”

     – SB, Home Theater Company Owner, OH

  “No matter what we got into, FOSI would be back there supporting us.”

     – RS, Builder, VA

 On Ordering and Installation

 “It was handled very professionally.  We were able to call, get the right information, get the right advice.  The products came as promised.”

– RS, Builder, VA

  “If I were to do another job for somebody else, I definitely would buy the FOSI Panels System.”

     – JL, Home Theater Company Owner, GA

 “It wasn’t hard to install.  The directions were good.”

     – RO, Home Theater Company Owner, NY

 “We wanted it to be an environmentally friendly project, so FOSI made it that way.” 

– SB, Home Theater Company Owner, OH

 Reactions to a FOSI Star Ceiling in the Showroom

 “I’ve had some people that have been around the world several times, and I know they’ve seen a lot of things.  Those people have been impressed.”

     – SB, Home Theater Company Owner, TX

 “It’s astronomically correct.  Customers love when I tell them it’s the real night sky.  The      shooting star is always a big WOW factor for people.  They hear about a shooting star      going across the room, it’s the real movement of the sky….”

     – DC, Home Theater Company Owner, GA

 “I’ve heard a lot of positive comments.  The building actually got written up in their local trade magazine for having the ceiling.”

– RS, Builder, VA

  “We get rave comments, rave reviews, from people that come see our ceiling.”

     – BL, Home Theater Company Owner, CA

  “The shooting stars are great, the comets are great.  Everyone really likes it.” 

     – SB, Home Theater Company Owner, OH

  “In our business, a working model is the best money spent.”

– ST, Home Theater Company Owner, VA

  “It’s really a seeing is believing kind of thing… the best selling tool is to have customers come and see it and from there it just speaks for itself.”

     - GB, Home Theater Company Owner, PA



I wanted to let you know the panels are up, and look better than I ever imagined. I still have trim, etc to do, but the sky is amazing. I do want to order the soffit lights, but I will email you later with specifics.

Thanks again . I was a treat meeting you and seeing your shop.

Dave  - April 5, 2010



I just wanted to let you know my star ceiling is complete and is even better than I imagined. I documented the whole construction process on AVSforum with the final pics on this page

 The modification to the mounting process and embedded acoustic panels worked out perfectly although it was tight. I had *just* enough fiber to wire up a second comet position in case the central one is too annoying in the theater.  Judging by the email I have gotten there should be a few people ringing you for quotes!

 Paul Morgan


Dear FOSI,

After a successful install, I am excited to say that both my customer and I are incredibly pleased with the finished FOSI Star Ceiling.  When my client inquired about star ceilings, I began my initial research. It did not take me long to decide on FOSI after reading about the more than 35 years your company has had in the fiber optics business. I felt safer placing my business with an established company that had done many commercial applications.  I chose to go with the star ceiling kit, which came with instructions and a star layout template. After installation, I can safely say it makes much more sense to install the Panel System so that labor costs and time can be cut down. With the Panel System, all you have to do is attach the panels to the ceiling and the panel matrices to the illuminator. In one day, a 10’ x 12’ star ceiling is easy installed at a reasonable price.  It was great that the entire star ceiling, including comets, shooting stars, constellations, and the dimmed Milky War, was powered with the use of just one illuminator.  The fact that the FOSI Star Ceiling is astronomically correct has been a great selling point. People love when I tell them it’s the real night sky. I look forward to working with your company in the future.

DJ Cross
Wired for Living
Loganville, GA



Good Morning Cyr Ryan,

Thank you and God bless you. I received my star ceiling on January 12, 2009. I really want to thank you for your prompt delivery and all your hard work. I am so grateful for your correspondence by phone and by fax. Thank you SO-SO-SO much for everything. I will tell everyone how wonderful your company is. Great service and great everything else.

Your Customer for Life,

Babette Bernadette


Do it Yourself Home Theater Ceiling

June 27, 2008

Dear FOSI,

I have very much enjoyed the star field, now that it is finished.  I made several modifications to it, including adding a few favorite constellations. including Orion, the Arc of Capella, the big Dipper and the Little Dipper properly aligned to true north, and I filled up all the rows in the matrix Milky Way.  I also colored Betelgeuse orange/red because it is a red giant star.

Sincerely, Philip - San Antonio, Texas

Thank you for processing the return so quickly.  And thank you for helping with this project.  I could not be more happy with the way it turned out.  The process that you laid out was time consuming but easy going and easy to understand.  Everything worked out perfectly.  The choice of board that Cyr had recommended...brilliant....could not have been a better choice.  I have attached a few  pictures, something like this is not easy to photograph. 

Thanks again and if anyone wants to follow in my footsteps I will definitely recommend Fiber Optic Systems.

Brian Daniel


Bella Luna Ristorante - PO Box 82 - Ludlow, VT 05149

We want to let you know how much we love our sky. We had the ceiling painted dark blue. An artist came and airbrushed a full moon (which is 3 feet in diameter) and the Milky Way stretches 31 ft. across the sky in iridescent paint. The fiber optics illuminate the paint and it looks amazing. We added a small spotlight to the moon to make it pop.

Our customers don’t know what to say when they walk through the door of Bella Luna Ristorante in Ludlow, VT and look up at the sky. It is not just a ceiling, but a night sky that most people have never seen before inside. It blows them away. I think the shooting stars and the comet are the kids’ favorite.

Thank you very much for helping us design our sky. The set up and installation was quite simple. The template of the stars made this 25 ft. by 31 ft. ceiling look so real. When we opened the boxes and saw almost 5 miles of fiber optics and that tiny drill bit, we were a bit worried. After reading everything and calling you a few times, your system is really simple to install, the directions were very easy to follow and the matrix light box was easy to set up. We used a dremel tool to drill the holes and there were a lot of them with a ceiling the size of ours. You just have to remember to take your time and the results are great. To think the entire sky is run on one light bulb. We want to thank you for all the extra help in putting this work of art to life. I even put the layout of the sky you sent me with the star layout and names of the constellations in the back of our menu, the customers love it.

We have already recommended FOSI to a number of people. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t get a few phone calls. Your company is great to work with and very helpful. We have had a few customers ask us if we would install a sky in their house! We told them to call you! If you are ever in Ludlow, Vermont, you have to come up and see it.

We only opened the restaurant on August 12, 2007 and already the sky is the talk of all Southern Vermont!

Thank you again.

Lisa Mutz-Nelson
Bell Luna


Drop Ceiling Panel System

May 15, 2009

The ceiling is installed and looks fantastic.  The students are VERY excited about learning!  Thank you for all of your planning and help with the project.  I cannot say enough good things about everyone at FOSI!

Charlotte Cook - Carver Magnet Elementary School


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